The Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce

24th November 2014AICC opening hours and arrangements  for Christmas and New Year

The Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce will close at 4.45pm on Tuesday, 23rd December 2014 and will re-open on Friday, 2nd January 2015 at 9.00am.  The last day for sending documents for legalisation to the Arab Embassies is Friday, 19th December 2014. 

All urgent documents must be presented on time as there will be no exceptions to our opening hours.  There will be delays in legalisation of documents as the Arab Embassies will also shut for various days over Christmas and New Year.

Documents for Certification only must be delivered by 9.30am on Tuesday, 23rd December to guarantee same day return.  All collections must be made by 3.00pm on Tuesday, 23rd December.

Again, the Directors have decided not to send out Christmas cards instead we gave donations to various Irish and Arab charities during 2014.

The Directors and staff wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support in 2014.


The AICC offers a range of specialist services to support Irish exporters in doing business with the Arab countries, and to help Arab enterprises to do business in Ireland. We hope that you find the information you need about our services and activities here on our website. Please get in touch if we can be of further assistance.

The Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1987 to promote and support the growth and development of trade and commercial relations between Ireland and the Arab countries. The Chamber was established under the auspices of the General Union of Arab Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture which is part of the Arab League and which has its headquarters in Beirut. All of the Chambers of Commerce in the Arab countries are affiliated to the General Union.

We fulfil our mission through the delivery of a range of unique services to Irish exporting companies and through the provision of information, advice, introductions, connections and business leads to companies in Ireland and in the Arab markets.

The Arab markets collectively are the most important trading block for indigenous Irish exporters outside of Europe and North America, and their significance grows year by year. They are attractive markets for Irish exporters for various reasons: they import many of the products and services which Irish companies can supply competitively; they have considerable resources to fund their imports; their rising population causes demand to grow year after year - and they are not far away.

All Irish exporters to the Arab markets are clients of our Chamber and they rely on our unique services to underpin their business in the region. Key among these services are the provision of our AICC Certificates of Origin as required by the Arab countries; the Certification and Legalisation of all types of commercial documents; the delivery of a technical translation service to and from Arabic, and assistance with visas where required.

Our Chamber also organises various events throughout the year to welcome visiting delegations, to deliver important information, to mark special occasions and to facilitate networking and interaction between our members and clients.

News and Updates

The Lebanese Canadian Business Association

Ahmad Younis, Secretary General of the Arab Irish Chamber of Commerce, along with the other members of the Chamber, sends congratulations to Khaled Daouk, Vice-Chairman of the AICC, on becoming President/Chairman of The Lebanese Canadian Business Association, and wishes him every success in his new role.

Tony Cotter, recently appointed Irish ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, made a visit to the Council of Saudi Chambers where he met with its Secretary General, Khalid Al Otaiby, as part of his mission to enhance Saudi-Irish relations.


5th Annual  Investment Meeting Congress, Dubai

The A I M Congress 2015, on the theme "Sustainable Development through FDI Induced Innovation and Technology Transfer" will be held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre

Full of interesting and useful information, this Irish Independent supplement, sponsored by Dubai Duty Free, is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in business, education, or forging stronger links with the United Arab Emirates

The Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce will close at 4.45pm on Tuesday, 23rd December 2014 and will re-open on Friday, 2nd January 2015 at 9.00am.