In association with Tradecert the AICC provides an On-Line Certification service.  Once you are registered to use the system with Tradecert, you simply log in and enter all certificate and Invoice details. After your online submission to the AICC, we will apply our official Chamber stamp and signature digitally and then email you to confirm approval. You can then issue an AICC Certificate of Origin and Invoice right at your own printer.

Benefits of the online system:

  • Documents created, submitted and reviewed by the chamber means your application takes hours rather than days.
  • Completely remove courier/postal costs and travel associated with manual submissions, as all applications are created, edited, submitted and approved online.
  • Reduce costs associated with human error as applications are editable online.

Please note that all shipments for Certification only can be processed On-Line by the AICC.

Start Using today for all of your export document needs

  • If you would like more information about their services or would like a free online demonstration of the system, please contact their sales team: or phone 01 657 1033 

eCertification Registration

1. Complete the attached form

2. Scan and email to and

Your login details will be sent to you by email.

How to use

Register for TradeCert by completing the attached. Please either fax a signed copy to 01 686 5466 or scan and email to . You will then be emailed your eCertification login details.

Once registered

  • Logon to Trade Cert website and apply online

AICC approves and certifies the application online
Confirmation email is sent
Login and print application on an AICC Certificate of Origin & Invoice

eCertification benefits

  • No courier fees or postage delays
  • No traffic
  • No parking needed

Save time, money and effort by applying online from the comfort of your desk.

Certification for Members    
Certificate of Origin and 1 invoice €65  
Extra invoice or Packing List €20  
Copy documents €15  

The Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade can only apostille and authenticate stamps on documents that bear an original signature and stamp from DFAT authorised organisations. Scanned or digital signatures are not accepted. Therefore documents for countries requiring DFAT authentication should continue to use the manual process e.g. Iraq