Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade stamp

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade can authenticate/apostille documents issued in the Republic of Ireland that are to be used in other countries.

All documents to be authenticated should bear an original signature, seal or stamp from an Irish practising public official or organisation. All documents must show an Irish connection such as an Irish address where the person swearing the document is resident in Ireland. (Authenticating a document simply means confirming that a signature, seal or stamp appearing on the document is genuine.)

If you intend using Irish documents overseas, for business or personal reasons, you may be asked to have your documents authenticated/apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. You should therefore confirm with the authority to whom you are presenting the documents what their requirements are with regard to authentication/legalisation.

The AICC can arrange for the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) stamp as required for certificates/documents issued in the Republic of Ireland:

  • Certificate of Origin, invoices and related documents
  • Documentation including qualification certificates, marriage/birth certificates, company registration, power of attorney
  • Passport translation for Libya

The AICC has daily courier services to and from the Department and the process takes approximately 48 hours.


AICC charges €25 for courier and admin services.

DFAT costs are as follows:

All the following Certificates are €10.00 per Certificate:

Certificate of Origin, Invoice, Health Certificate issued by the Department of Agriculture or HSE

Certificate of Free Sale, Certificate of GMP Compliance, Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of a Pharmaceutical Product, Declaration of Conformity, Certificate of Conformity, BSI [British Standards Institute] Design Examination Certificate or Quality Assurance Certificates, EC Certificate issued Irish Medicines Board

All the following Certificates are €40.00 per Certificate:

CRO-issued Company Certificates

All other letters and agreements issued by exporters on company letterhead

Education records and all personal documentation

Contact details:

Consular Services Division,

Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade,

The Passport Building,

Molesworth Street,

Dublin 2,

Phone: 003531 408 2174

Or for the Munster area:

Consular Services,
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade,
1A South Mall,

Tel:    021 4944765 / 021 4944766

Opening Hours:
The opening hours for the Public Offices in Dublin and Cork are as follows:
Monday - Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)
9.30am - 1pm and 2.30pm - 4pm

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