Embassy legalisation

In many cases, documents requiring certification also require legalisation by the relevant Arab Embassy. The AICC will arrange legalisation following certification of documentation when required. Kuwait, Qatar, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates require all shipments to be legalised by their own Embassies. This legalisation process is undertaken by our office. Documents requiring legalisation are sent to the relevant Arab embassy and returned by courier on a daily basis.

All documents must be submitted before 1.00 pm, as they must be checked thoroughly before forwarding to the embassy.

Fixed Costs 

AICC Certification, Courier & Admin costs (excludes embassy legalisation fees)

Certificate of Origin and 1 invoice €71 €90
Extra invoice or other document €17 €17
Copy documents €12 €12
Halal certificate €29 €29
Variable Costs 

Please visit the 'countries' page for more information on variable costs.

Occasionally, embassy rules and regulations change overnight. The AICC bears no responsibility for any changes and any such price changes will be passed directly to our customers.We regret that we cannot under any circumstances, intercede with or take responsibility for any transactions initiated directly between an exporter and an embassy. 

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