Documentation Requirements 
  • All shipments to Qatar must be covered by an Arab-Irish Certificate together with an original, signed invoice. Both must be certified by the AICC
  • All shipments must be legalised which can be arranged by AICC
  • Health and Radiation Certificates are often required for food, meat and poultry consignments
  • Halal Certificate stating that slaughter was according to Muslim law must accompany fresh, frozen meat and poultry
  • Shipments covering the following goods are exempt from invoice legalisation fees:
    • Medical: For the Ministry of Public Health and Hamad Medical Est. only. Medicine, blood substitutes, all types of immunisation and chemicals
    • Consumables: Rice, wheat, sugar, flour, milk, fat, fresh fruit and vegetables


Certificate of Origin/Packing List/ Bill of Lading (original or copy) €75
Private Power of Attorney €50

Contracts, certificate of registration or incorporation, company record of achievements, company trade or financial reports, memorandum and articles of association, certificate of good standing, power of attorney, an assignment or authorisation for registering trademarks and patents, an authorisation or an agreement for the purpose of transferring or selling company shares, an undertaking certificate, health certificate, certificate of free sale, GMP, CPP’s, manufacturers licence, certificate of medical product, business, veterinary, radioactivity, trade or company charity etc.,           




Invoice Fees  
Invoice or copy up to £1 to £3,750 €240
Invoice or copy over £3,751 to £25,000 €475
Invoice or copy over £25,001 to £62,500 €1188
Invoice or copy over £62,501.00 to £250,000 €2375

For an Invoice over £250,001 please check fees with the Chamber

All Personal documents including;  Police Clearance, fingerprints, copy of passport, medical report, birth and marriage certificates, will certificates, university and college certificates €50.00

Invoice Values in US$, Euro’s and Qatari Riyal must be converted into Sterling using the following fixed rates and then check the above table;-

Value in US$ x 0.91

Value in Euro x 0.93

Value in Qatari Riyal x 4


Further Information 

Personal documentation

  • As from 5th January 2015, all personal documentation will also now be charged 23% vat
  • For processing of personal documentation please follow the following guidelines;

As from the 1st June 2016, all qualification certificates holders of the following degrees, Diplomas, BA’s/BSc’s, M.A’s and PhD’s issued outside of the State of Qatar, which require Embassy legalisation / attesting must now be supported by the following 3 items;-

  1. Certificate / Diploma
  2. Supported by the transcript
  3. A cover letter from the issuing educational provider confirming all the following points;-
  • The qualification/certificate’s authenticity
  • The mode of study and type of study; whether full-time/part-time
  • The type of study : whether distance learning (E-Learning) or face to face learning (on campus learning)
  • Location of study
  • Location of examinations
  • The actual dates of study (start date and the end date) 
  • The awarded title of the issued diploma, i.e. Degree (BA or BSc), Masters or Doctorate program
  • The duration of the course studied
  • The actual dates of study (start date and the end date)

Kindly Note:

  • All 3 items mentioned above have to be attested by the Uk's Foreign & Common Wealth Office (FCO) prior to submitting it for legilisation at the Embassy of State of Qatar - London.
  • The Embassy will NOT legalise foreign documents.
  • Documents certified and apostilled in a bundle are NOT accepted, they should be legalised individually.
  • Any certificate obtained via distance learning (online) will NOT  be accepted for legalisatin
  • For any certificate, where the place of study and examination are outside the UK will not be accepted for leglisation

Diplomatic representation in Qatar is provided by the Irish Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi).

  • Qatar Embassy in London
  • More information on Qatar

Occasionally, embassy' rules and regulations change overnight. The AICC bears no responsibility for any such changes therefore any price changes will be passed directly to customers. We regret that we cannot under any circumstances, intercede with or take responsibility for transactions initiated directly between an exporter and an embassy.