Certificate of Conformity

A Certificate of Conformity is always needed for Iraq, and often needed for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. It is required for documents presented either for certification only by AICC or for legalisation by the relevant embassy. The certificate must be obtained prior to shipment.

Iraq: Certificate of Conformity – required for all shipments (from 1 May 2011) (See below)

Saudi Arabia: SASO Certificate of Conformity - primarily electrical, electronics, automotive and chemical sectors

Kuwait: Certificate of Conformity - primarily for electrical, electronics and building materials

The exporter should apply directly to the relevant organisation for Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.




Bureau Veritas UK & Ireland

Government Services & International Trade,

Brandon House,

180 Borough High Street,

London SE1 1LB

Contact:      Mr. Christian de Nanteuil
Phone:        +44 207 550 8956
Web:           www.bureauveritas.co.uk

SGS United Kingdom

Contact: Stephen Davies

Email: stephen.davies[at]sgs.com

Web: www.uk.sgs.com

Inspection Services Ltd

Administration Building

Tolka Quay Road

Dublin Port,

Dublin 1

Tel: 01 855 5585

Email: operations[at]inspect.ie

Further details: https://iraqcomattache.org/i/files/docs/New_Guidlines_for_Exporters.pdf

Intertek International Ltd

Contact: Ms Chantelle Rowe

Tel: +44 1277 223 400

Please note, SGS UK is no longer being used by Iraqi Ministry of Trade for Certificates of Conformity. Please use Bureau Veritas above.    

Iraq process

  • Please contact Bureau Veritas UK & Ireland directly to see if your goods require Certificate of Conformity


Certificate of Conformity


Saudi Arabia 

Prior to shipment, exporters of regulated products to Saudi Arabia may obtain a SASO Certificate of Conformity.  Depending on the accreditation or quality marks already held, the products may be tested to varying levels. If the shipment is found to meet SASO requirements, a SASO Certificate of Conformity will be issued. This certificate will accompany the consignment to clear the goods through customs in Saudi Arabia.

For more detailed information on procedures, please contact the following organisations in the United Kingdom;-

Bureau Veritas, Government Services & International Trade

Phone;                        +44 207 550 8956             

Website;         www.bureauveritas.co.uk

Intertek International Ltd

Tel: 01277 223400 Fax: 01277 220127


Web:  www.intertek.com/government/programmes/kuwait SGS United Kingdom Limited


Website;   www.sgs.co.uk



Kuwait Conformity Assurance Scheme (KUCAS) The Public Authority for Industry of the State of Kuwait (PAI) has been implementing the ‘Kuwait Conformity Assurance Scheme’ (KUCAS) since 17 June, 2006. KUCAS is a set of procedures carried out by PAI to verify the conformity of all ‘Regulated Products’ to the Kuwait’s Technical Regulations and approved Standards.

Exporters & manufacturers with consignments of regulated products to be shipped to Kuwait may complete the conformity procedures prior to shipment through one of the Certification and Inspection Bodies approved by PAI (e.g. SGS, Intertek) in accordance with the KUCAS Guidelines.

SGS United Kingdom Limited Contact: Stephen Davies -Certification Services Manager Governments & Institutions Services Reg Office: Rossmore Business Park, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH65 3EN tel: +44 (0)1276 697865 fax: +44 (0)1276 697832 mob: +44 (0)7841 953837 web: www.uk.sgs.com

Intertek International Ltd Contact: Chantelle Rowe Academy Place, 1-9 Brook Street, Brentwood Essex, CM14 5NQ, United Kingdom Tel: 01277 223400, Fax: 01277 220127, Email: Web: www.intertek.com/government/programmes/kuwait



Please confirm with your customer if they require a Certificate of Conformity for the shipment as back-up.  Please note that the Iraqi Embassy will not legalise a Certificate of Conformity.

For further information please contact;

Bureau Veritas, Government Services & International Trade

180 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LB

Website;         www.bureauveritas.co.uk         Phone;     +44 207 550 8956



Bureau Vertias will confirm costs for Certificate of Conformity  upon application.

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