Documentation Requirements 

Iraq Legalisation fees and requirements

  • All shipments to Iraq must be covered by an Arab-Irish Certificate of Origin and along with an original signed Invoice, must show an invoice value or a value for custom purposes only and must be certified by the AICC.  If legalisation is required then our Chamber will arrange legalisation by the Iraqi Embassy in London.
  • The Iraqi Commercial Attaché in London will legalise originals and copies of AICC Certificates of Origin and Commercial Invoices etc – please ensure that any copies have the word COPY stated on them.  If you shipment requires a health certificates etc, legalise these will be sent to the Iraqi Attache’s Office.  Packing Lists do not require to be legalised unless requested by your customer or L/C.
  • All shipping and regulatory & corporate affairs documents must be stamped by the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade which our Chamber can organise.
  • Health Certificates are often required for all food consignments.
  • Halal & Veterinary Certificates required for all chilled, frozen meat, lamb and poultry.
  • Documents that contain any hand written details or hand written amendments will no longer be accepted.
  • For all shipments, the manufacturing and expiry dates must appear on the Certificate of Origin and/or Invoice. 
  • Exporters are reminded that there are some restrictions on trading with Iraq, though many have been relaxed.  Contact the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment – Export Licensing Unit, Phone; [01] 661 4444 for full details.

Update;  Red Meat Requirements

We have been informed by the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq that as with immediate effect the new requirements and regulations for exporting red meats to Iraq in any form must comply with the following;-

  1. All processed fresh red meat should be exported from countries free of Cow Diseases
  2. All exported red meats should be accompanied with an authorised health certificate and legalised by the Iraqi Embassy (Consular Section) along with the AICC Certificate of Origin, Invoice and Halal Certificate
  3. Health Certificate of the products should include;-
    • Suitable for human consumption
    • Consumed by domestic population
    • Free of cow disease and any other pollution
    • Non Genetically Modified (GM) and free of added hormones
    • Free of any radiation effects
    • Labels to show clearly the production date and validity with a reference
  • Legalisation fees is a fixed fee of €285.00 per commercial / legal document (Original or copy)              

Please confirm with your customer if they require a Certificate of Conformity for the shipment as back-up.

Further Information 

For further information on Certificates of Conformity please contact;

Bureau Veritas, Government Services & International Trade

180 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LB


Website;         Phone;     +44 207 550 8956