The AICC certifies and legalises Certificates of Origin, commercial invoices and other commercial documents for goods being exported from Ireland to any of the Arab countries. The Chamber also certifies and legalises registration or legal documentation and contracts.

All documents for shipments going to member countries must be certified by the AICC. Please check with us regarding legalisation as some countries insist that all documents are also legalised through the AICC.

Two sets of photocopies of all documents must be accompanied with the originals.

Certificate of Origin and Invoice: The two most important documents which the exporter has to prepare for shipments to the Arab countries are the Certificate of Origin and invoice. Both of these documents must accompany every shipment even if the goods are being supplied free of charge.

A Certificate of Origin must accompany the invoice in all cases of shipments to Arab countries. The purpose of this certificate is to confirm the origin of goods. Exporters must ensure that there is no restriction on the importation of the goods by virtue of country of origin as stated on the certificate.

Invoices: The invoice is the basic document used in exporting, and every other document draws upon the information that appears on the invoice. The purpose is to confirm to the purchaser the terms of the transaction. It is advisable to print invoices rather than complete them by hand. This is not a legal requirement, but customs delays are less likely if the invoices are easily read. While many countries insist on invoices being submitted in the language of the country of destination, Arab countries accept invoices and other documents in English. Exporters based in Ireland, which are supplying goods to an Arab country that originate in a third country, must still provide a certificate of origin, certified in Ireland.