Public Holidays

Islamic Holidays

Islamic Holidays are celebrated in almost all Arab countries. Because the Islamic calendar is a lunar one and is calculated according to the moon phases, the holidays may vary according to the global position of the different countries.

  2016 2017
Islamic New Year 1437 / 1438 3 Oct 20 Sept
Beginning of Ramadan 6 June 27 May
Eid Al-Fitr - End of Ramadan 5 July 25 June
Eid Al-Adha (The Feast of the Sacrifice) 11 Sept 31 Aug

The length of each Eid holiday varies from one Arab country to another. Please note that all Arab Embassies in Dublin and London shut for the above holidays for up to 5 working days. In addition to the above religious festivals, most of which are observed throughout the Islamic World, there are individual National Days as follows;

Country National Day
Algeria 1st November
Bahrain 16th December
Djibouti 27th June
Iraq Various
Egypt 23rd July
Jordan 25th May
Kuwait 25th February
Lebanon 22nd November
Libya 1st September
Mauritania 28th November
Morocco 30th July
Oman 18th November
Qatar 18th December
Saudi Arabia 23rd September
Somalia 1st July
Sudan 1st January
Syria 17th April
Tunisia 20th March
United Arab Emirates 2nd December

Ireland's Public Holidays

  2016 2017
New Year's Day 1 Jan 1 Jan
St. Patrick' Day 17 Mar 17 Mar
Good Friday 25 Mar 14 Apr
Easter Monday 28 Mar 17 Apr
May Day 2 May 1 May
Public Holiday 6 June 5 June
Public Holiday 1 Aug 7 Aug
Public Holiday 31 Oct 30 Oct
Christmas Day 25 Dec 25 Dec
St. Stephen's Day 26 Dec 26 Dec