Documentation Requirements 
  • All shipments to Lebanon must be covered by an Arab-Irish Certificate of Origin together with an original, signed invoice and both must be certified by the AICC
  • The AICC will arrange document legalisation if required
  • The Lebanon Embassy will only legalise documents which are issued under a Letter of Credit (L/C). If legalisation is required, a copy of your L/C must be submitted with your documents. For all other shipments, certification only by our Chamber will suffice.
  • The following statement must appear on all invoices submitted for certification or legalisation:
    • "We hereby certify that the present invoice is authentic, that it is the only one issued by us for the goods mentioned therein, without deduction of any payment on account, and that they are exclusively [state countries of Origin], manufactured by [state manufacturers]. We also certify that the goods mentioned therein are on Free Sale in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Agency Agreements, Certs of Free Sale or any other registration documents must be stamped by the Dept of Foreign Affairs & Trade before AICC certification. The AICC can arrange this.
  • Each Regulatory/Corporate Affairs Certificate must be individually processed for certification and legalisation.
  • The Lebanese Embassy will only accept documents in the English language.  Arabic translations etc., will no longer be accepted.
  • Health Certificates are required for all food, meat and poultry consignments and must be stamped by the Dept of Foreign Affairs & Trade before AICC process
  • Halal Certificate stating that the slaughter was according to Muslim law must accompany fresh, frozen meat and poultry
  • Exporters are often required to submit a Radiation Certificate
  • Documents covering chemicals, drugs or medicines must carry a declaration stating that the substances are non-hazardous. If the goods are hazardous, the following declaration must appear on all invoices
    • "We hereby declare that the goods are hazardous and the purpose of use is for [state purpose] and are on Free Sale in the Republic of Ireland."
  • Certification or legalisation of a Certificate of Origin with several invoices can be done if all invoices bear the same invoice date. The Certificate of Origin should state the invoice numbers and invoice date in box 6.
  • The manufacturing and expiry dates must appear on the Certificate of Origin, Invoice, Health and Halal. For chemicals, drugs and pharmaceuticals the minimum shelf life is one year.
Certificate of Origin with 1 invoice €17
Certificate of Origin with several Invoices €32
Copy Certificate of Origin €17
Halal Certificate €22
Health Certificate €22
Packing Lists €22
General Power of Attorney €71
Special Power of Attorney €37
Cancellation of Power of Attorney €44
Certificate of a Pharmaceutical Product €108
Distribution Agreement / Agency Agreement €108
Power of Attorney to set up Branch or representative office in Lebanon €108
Memorandum & Articles of Association €108
Certificate of Incorporation €108
Certificate of Change of Company Name €108
Minutes of Board Meeting €108
Registration of Trade Mark €108
Any Registration Certificates Certificates i.e. GMP’s, Free Sale, Manufacturers Authorisation & Price Certs €108
Balance Sheets/Budgets/Personal effects list €44

Please Contact AICC as legalisation fees for invoices are calculated on a daily basis.

Further Information 

Diplomatic Representation in Lebanon is provided by the Irish embassy in Egypt (Cairo).

Lebanese Embassy London

  • More information on Lebanon

Occasionally, embassy' rules and regulations change overnight. The AICC bears no responsibility for any such changes therefore any price changes will be passed directly to customers. We regret that we cannot under any circumstances, intercede with or take responsibility for transactions initiated directly between an exporter and an embassy.