Documentation Requirements 
  • The Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in London closed on 10th August 2012 due to the ongoing troubles in Syria. All commercial certificates and registration documents will now be certified only by the A-ICC in the normal way.  Unfortunately, we cannot proceed with legalisation by the Embassy for the time being.
  • Either of the following statements must appear on all invoices submitted
    • "We hereby certify that the goods l in this invoice are not of Israeli origin and do not contain any Israeli materials".
  • If the above statement cannot be typed the following statement must be typed on your company's letterhead, originally signed and addressed to the Consignee in Syria and legalised.
    • "We, [Name of Company] are [State nationality of company] based [State address] and we cannot adhere to the negative clause requested. We hereby certify that the goods enumerated in this invoice is manufactured by [state manufacturer] and that the goods supplied are 100% [state country of origin] and they do not include materials from other countries."
  • Every invoice must be accompanied by a separate A-ICC Certificate of Origin
  • Currency should always be typed in front of the total invoice value
  • Agency Agreements, Contracts & Registration Certificates etc. must be stamped by a Notary Public and the Department of Foreign Affairs, before submitting for legalisation. The A-ICC can arrange this.
  • Invoices with printed matter on the reverse is not acceptable
  • The Syrian Embassy will not accept any documentation with amendment stamps/erasures on them either from exporting company or local Chamber of Commerce. All documents must be typed/printed in the same print.
  • Health Certificates are often required
  • Halal Certificate stating that slaughter was according to Muslim law must accompany fresh, frozen meat and poultry
Certificate of Origin and other documents (original and/or copy) €14

Legalisation Fees:

Please Contact Us as legalisation fees for invoices are calculated on a daily basis. If an error is found once documents have been certified and legalised, a new set must be submitted and fees will be charged. A replacement Certificate of Origin or Invoice cannot be done - both must be done again.

Further Information 

Diplomatic representation in Syria is handled by the Irish Embassy in Egypt

Syrian Embassy, London

Syria's Honorary Consul in Ireland is Louis Maguire.  Email arabirish[at]

  • More information on Syria

Occasionally, embassy' rules and regulations change overnight. The A-ICC bears no responsibility for any such changes therefore any price changes will be passed directly to customers. We regret that we cannot under any circumstances, intercede with or take responsibility for transactions initiated directly between an exporter and an embassy.