AICC Verification

All exporters to the UAE must have commercial documents certified by the AICC before being submitted for legalisation by the UAE embassy, and must use the AICC Certificate of Origin.

July 2013

The embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Ireland has issued a formal notice to advise all exporters from Ireland to the UAE that they must use an AICC Certificate of Origin for all goods being shipped to the UAE, and that these certificates must be certified by the AICC before they will be legalised by the embassy.

Furthermore, they make it clear that all ‘Invoices and other Commercial Documents’ must, likewise, be certified by the AICC before being submitted for legalisation by the embassy.

The procedure agreed with the UAE embassy is as follows:

  • 1. Certificates of Origin, Invoices and any other Commercial documents requiring legalisation by the embassy must be submitted to the AICC for certification in the first instance.
  • 2. The AICC will then submit the certified documents to the embassy for legalisation, and will pay the associated fees on the exporter's behalf.
  • 3. The legalised documents will be returned to the AICC and will then be returned by the Chamber to the applicant.

The embassy has made it clear that exporters who do not adhere to these requirements will be in breach of ‘the Rules & Regulations of the UAE Authorities’.

A similar arrangement has been operating successfully with the UAE embassy for some time concerning the certification and legalisation of personal documents for individuals who are taking up employment in, or moving to, the UAE.