Arab Forum for Scientific Research And Sustainable Development “Towards a Return to Leadership in Science”

July 2014

The 2nd Session: December 2014, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

The Arab Forum for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development is a unique opportunity for Irish Universities and academic institutions for scientific research to link with the Arab academic, political and business world.

This annual forum, initiated by the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), contributes to the building of effective partnerships between education, scientific research and other sectors concerned with sustainable development and related issues in the Arab world. It aims at gathering officials and decision makers in the Arab ministries concerned: education, research, industry, agriculture, planning and economy, together with senior figures and scientists from universities, training & research institutions, companies and service providers in the Arab countries. And it enables them to create appropriate mechanisms to link graduate programs and scientific research projects, conducted at universities and research centers, to the needs of Arab communities and related development plans. The forum is a formal, scientific and economic event that provides an appropriate atmosphere for cooperation and integration between participant organizations.

Objectives of the Forum

The Forum aims to enhance the contribution of universities, research centers, and innovators in Arab developmental arenas through the following:

a. Contribute to strengthening cooperation between Arab ministries and agencies concerned with education, training and scientific research. Activation of partnerships between universities, research centers and development institutions on one-hand, and production & service companies on the other.

b. Encourage Arab researchers and innovators and link them to specialized companies to transform their innovations into products and economic projects. Also to enhance communication with Arab scholars in the Diaspora and to benefit from their expertise in the development of Arab countries.

c. Contribute to strengthening the role of the private sector in supporting, encouraging and financing scientific research activities in Arab countries, and investing in venture capital.

d. Contribute to the development of Arab industries for scientific publishing, manufacturing of educational supplies, and digital e-learning content production.

e. Share Arab and international successful practices and experiences, and enable Arab countries and institutions to take advantage of them.

The exact date of this Forum is to be confirmed, but will take place over three days between 16th and 21st December 2014.


Information on the themes of this Forum, and further information about Exhibitions or offers of Sponsorship and contacts are available here :

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