Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce opens new HQ

23rd October 2015

The new headquarters of the Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce (AICC) was officially opened yesterday by Richard Bruton TD, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation.

The AICC was set up 28 years ago to promote commercial, industrial, tourist and financial relations between Arab countries and Ireland.

Speaking at the official opening ceremony, Ahmad Younis, secretary general, AICC, said: “Our new headquarters will serve as a focal point for The Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce engagement activities, providing members with access to the Chamber’s complete depth of experience for all member organisations and individuals who are involved in, or have an interest in, commercial relationships between Ireland and the Arab world. The expansion our Chamber shows our commitment to continuing to promote Irish export and services to the Arab world, and to show the importance of the Arab region to the Irish commerce.”



Pictured (L-R): Khaled Daouk, vice chairman, AICC; Joe Geoghegan, chairman, Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce; Richard Bruton TD, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation; and Ahmad Younis, secretary general, Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce

Joe Geoghegan, chairman, AICC noted that the value of Irish exports to the Arab markets had grown from €256m when the Chamber was set up in 1987 to an expected total of around €5bn in 2015.

“There is every reason to expect this growth to continue in the years ahead bearing in mind the import requirements of the Arab countries as they develop rapidly, and the growing ability of Irish companies to meet those requirements over many of the main growth sectors,” he said.

Richard Bruton TD added: “Over the past three years there have been nine Government visits to the Gulf and we were delighted to welcome delegations to Ireland as these visits are a key mechanism in bringing together commercial opportunities for companies. I am delighted to be here today to open the new headquarters of the Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce. Over the past 28 years the Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce has been fostering and developing links between Ireland and the Arab world. I look forward to continuing to develop our trading relationship within the region and wish the Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce continued success.