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Documentary Requirements - Brief Guidelines

Obtaining a Blank JA-ICC Certificate of Origin

For members only, blank Certificates of Origin can be purchased directly from the JA-ICC at a cost of 2.00 per Certificate.

For non-members, these can be purchased directly from your local Chamber of Commerce. For non-members, all documents must be stamped by your local Chamber before submitting to the JA-ICC.

Only the JA-ICC Certificate of Origin should be used for the 19 Arab countries that our Chamber represents. Please note that we do not accept European Certificates of Origin.
Guidelines for completing the JA-ICC Certificate of Origin

Instructions for the completion of the JA-ICC Certificate of Origin are printed on the reverse of the blue application part of the Certificate of Origin. The following points amplify these rules:-
Certification will not be carried out unless the complete 3-part set is submitted.
The documents submitted must not contain erasures or superimposed corrections, especially using Tip-Ex.
Certificate of Origin
The Certificate of Origin set must be only completed in typescript - each copy in an identical manner. The original of which is duly certified or legalised, the application copy is returned with the original and the control copy is retained by the JA-ICC. The application and control copies must be duly dated and signed in boxes 8 and 9.
The Consignor in box 1 must be an Irish registered company within the 26 counties. If the consignor/exporter is an Irish company exporting on behalf of its sister or other company then they must state the Irish company's name and address and then state on behalf of [state company's name and address]. The consignor/exporter must match on all documentation.
The full name and address of the manufacturer must be stated in box 6 and this must match box 5.
All boxes must be completed, with the exception of box 4 which is optional.
For the exception of Libya, every Certificate of Origin must be accompanied by an original signed Invoice. Libya will accept a Certificate of Origin only, once it is submitted with a photocopy of the Invoice.
Photocopies of the Certificate of Origin cannot be certified or legalised. If copies of the original are required, these are completed on copy Certificates of Origin which are issued by the JA-ICC. Some local Chambers have a supply of these.
An Invoice should be an original and signed originally.
The full name and address of the Arab consignee at the final destination should appear on the Invoice - this should match box 2 on your Certificate of Origin.
Invoices must show currency and a value - even if the value is for custom purposes only.
Some countries require a statement on Invoices. Please check to see each individual country page.
Other Documents
All other documents must be original. If you do not have an original, then the copy submitted must be stamped and signed by either the issuing authority or by a notary public and state, "that this copy is a true copy of the original".
All documents must show the full name and address of the Arab consignee at the final destination.
The document must bear the original signature of an authorised signatory of the company which issued the document and must be dated.
Some countries, require documents which do not relate to a Certificate of Origin to be stamped by a Notary Public and the Department of Foreign Affairs. Please check to see each individual country page.
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